ARROW BOATS  | Price List 2017

Basic 18/19ft Boat €3,900

The Basic Standard Boat

Galvanised keel band
Three wooden beach seats
  and rear back seat
Six buoyancy tanks
Fibreglass floor
Hydrofoil fitted to boat
Oars and oarlocks
Hatch on front tank.


Removable seats
Horseshoe Back Seat €160
Extra Tanks €100
Large hatches €100
Under floor Conduit x 2 €260
Side Keels €110
Adjustable Pedestals w/slide €300
Hydrofoil €160 (no charge new boat)
Self Bailers €100 (no charge new boat)

Boat Trailers Galvanised €1800
Guide on Bars x2 €150

Boat Canvas Cover €360

Gunnels cut & planed €300
Timber kit for 19ft Boat €550
Hull for 19ft Boat €3,000
The Ultimate Drift Boat
Full Spec Six Meter

The Water Ballasted floor is slightly raised and has been re-enforced to take 160 lt of water.

The floor tank fills automatically when the boat is stationary or drifting.

The floor can be prevented from filling from inside the boat.

When under speed the tank empties automatically (1.5 Min.)

The advantages of this system include:

Slow drifting,
Sound proof floor
and rolling motion has been cut in half.

Price depends on interior layout:

Basic Boat €5,000
Water ballasted floor €700
2 x  Height/slide adjustable seats €600
1 Removable Timber seat €100
Underfloor waterproof conduit x2: €250
6 meter heavy duty battery cables: €250
Large fuel tank + Hatch fuel line: €150
Large battery tank + Hatch: €150
2 Large side tanks with 4 hatches: €600
Rod holder box with hinges: €250
LED Lights front and back (With connection to car:  €250

Canvas hood:   €550
Boat cover:  €360

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Custom Trailers are available

Prices include VAT